Etawah Safari Attractions

Etawah Safari tour is not all about wildlife itself. Many other attractions will gravitate can lure you for a visit. India is the epicenter of multifarious wonders. Since the beginning, it has created many revolutionary elements added to the list. Here are some of those major attractions the Etawah safari park hosts.

Jeep Safari

Soak in the wildlife amidst the thick and lush green verdant on your Etawah Safari Tour. Jeep safari is one of the best modes for observing the daily happenings around the safari park. On your safari trip, you will get the closest view of animals nestling there. You can take a close look at the most elusive members of the forest for the most thrilling experience. Call us to book our Jeep Safari Tour now!

Jeep Safari

Lion Breeding Center

In a bid to reinstate the lion population to proportion, Etawah Safari park has become the sanctuary to make these most fierce animals grow and thrive. A certain number of Lions have been introduced. The park acts as a lion breeding center which plays a vital role in balancing the Lion population in Gir National Park. The necessary steps have been taken towards increasing their number and assured maintenances are put in place to avoid their living disturbances. A captive-breeding facility is an on-going process that has been carried out to achieve the goal. As the sense of optimism prevail, the influx of visitors surging as well.

Lion Breading Center

Steam Locomotive Engine

The India Railways have also made an effort to bring its old days on public notice. The locomotive Steam Engine is placed at the front of the safari park where you can take pictures and absorb its intricately built machine. It represents the era back to the British period when it used to run on coal fuel with ear-numbing whistles and gush of smoke following its trail.

Steam Locomotive

Vijayanta Tanks

To give tourists an additional option to slake their wanderlust two Vijayanta Tanks of the Indian Army are brought to the public attention. Such war memorabilia are expecting to draw more visitors to the Etawah safari park. The display of Vijayanta Tanks at the entry place epitomizes the past glory and, reminisces the heydays of the Indian Army.

4D Theater

Etawah Safari movie play on 4D theatre is one of the major attractions in the safari park. This is an effort to educate the tourists and locals about the unknown facts about wildlife. It also gives you a close virtual view of Etawah safari park. The authority regularly display films on a wildlife tour and strive to spread the knowledge and nature-saving messages among masses.

4D Theater