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Etawah Safari Park is a flagship national park service and favorite to millions of visitors worldwide. It is the major destination for tourists and families to explore the wildlife from the comfort of their vehicles. Etawah Safari Park, formerly Etawah Lion Safar,i is the official Lion Breeding Center and home to multiple safari attractions. The wildlife park is a drive-through safari destination situated in district Etawah of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is designed by Spanish Company Art Urba, based on world-class theming by Spain architect Frank Vidal. Created in 350-hectare area of Fisher Forest, the wildlife park serves as a buffer boundary wall for a variety of flora and fauna. The Park caters a shelter for hundreds of birds, about 17 and 8 species of mammals and reptiles respectively.


The major attractions of Etawah Safari Park are categorized into three segments – Multiple Safari (Lion, Bear, Deer, Antelope, Leopard), Lion Breeding Center (12 breeding dens), Visitor facilitation center including – a multimedia museum with digital signage & large format displays, and a 4D‘ education theatre information platform for visitors.


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